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Los Angeles is home to over 3.8 million people and perhaps even more cars. As a huge city with a lot of people and a lot of automobiles, it can be extremely difficult to find on-the-go parking. Streets are congested and metered parking is taken. According to some estimates, the time drivers spend in traffic and looking for parking adds up to about four days over the course of a year.

All of this can be extremely frustrating for residents and tourists alike. Metered spaces on the curb are hard to find and have short time limits. You can spend a large part of your day simply shuffling your car from one parking spot to the next if you don't want to accumulate a hefty stack of parking violations. You do have other options when parking in Los Angeles, however. You may have never considered it, but renting a monthly parking space could shorten your commuting time and relieve stress by ensuring that you are not circling the block for a parking space at the end of the day.

At ParkingSpotter we connect parking sellers with people seeking parking in Los Angeles. Parking lot and parking garage owners post their available spaces on ParkingSpotter, and those looking to rent a long-term parking spot can easily find nearby properties using our advanced search. Not only can purchasing monthly parking make your experience parking in Los Angeles better, it can make your entire day better if you live near a Metro stop. Leave your car in your spot all day-something you can't do curbside-and take the bus or subway to work. Your car will still be available to you when you need it, and you will save money on gas, which can be put towards your rental in one of the local parking lots.

Whether you need parking in Hollywood or parking in Echo Park, you can find a spot in any neighborhood in L.A. Add up the money you will save in meters, tolls, parking tickets, and gas, and the price of monthly parking turns out to be a bargain. Finally, factor in the amount of stress you save yourself by taking public transit to work or knowing that you have a spot at the end of the day, and monthly parking makes even more sense.

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